Friday, 10 January 2014

9. Wherein janathon involves more brisk walking in the dark

I'm renovating most of my whole life. It's quite exciting and unsettling all at once. 

I'm surrounded again by boxes of stuff from my old office that leave me scratching my head. I had a wonderful dog walk after teaching my evening class. That is my contribution to janathon.  I also baked two loaves of excellent bread. That involved kneading dough, which made my arms really strong and shapely. 

I like having time to breathe.

It was reassuring to see life proceeding as normal. As in, gravity works; entropy wins every time.  A heavy wind storm blew over the basketball hoop last month.  The car was spared, but the hoop sustained hidden damage that proved fatal.  Given a second chance, the hoop softened its landing by taking out the rear taillight.  I was reassured that I would never run out of things to do.  And now painting the hoop can be stricken from the list.  

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