Thursday, 2 January 2014

2. Thursday afternoon bike ride

Santa brought a beautiful pinarello to our house at Christmas.  Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. This gift has only increased my suffering and shame.  I rode with recipient of the gift this afternoon. I felt every inch of the slow fat athlete that I am.

However the sun was shining. It was only 9c, which was almost warm. And the wind was at least consistent. So riding into the wind on the way out meant we got a push on the way home.  I need to clean the sand out of my cleats.  The bike path was occasionally inundated with sand from recent storms.  

My riding buddy reminded me we have a hilly 150 km ride planned for April.  I will be riding for redemption.  Thoughtful training plan coming soon. 

90 min. 27 km.

*bonus workout: 20 minutes mobility + planks + kettlebell swings

Coming attraction:

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  1. Nice one on the ride, I want to do a bike challenge this year, aside from London Duathlon!


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