Saturday, 4 January 2014

4. Bow-tiful shooting

After a delightful long walk on the beach, enjoying the Sun, we went to our archery club where I shot with my new bow for the first time.  I love it!  I got plenty of slow, fat arrows for practice.  This machine is fantastic. It has a place on any sci-fi set.  The draw is set at the lowest possible, at 40lbs.  It was a strength work out for sure.  The temptation is to pull with your arm rather than back muscles.  The back lasts longer.

I am excited to shoot again soon!

bonus workout:

2k on the rower for 9:30 to warm up
2 4 min Tabata (20:10) rounds with 25 lb kettle bell, athlete's choice.
(double american swing, one-armed swing (r/l), double swing, snatch (r/l), clean (r/l), russian swing x 2, h2h, bottoms up), then plank and goblet squat. 

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