Wednesday, 17 February 2010

70.3 in 10

I just registered for the blistered-skin or something like that Half-Iron distance triathlon in Isle of Portland in the UK.

This is a dream come true for me, thanks to my friend Judy's fine race selection. In the fall of 2009 I had been puttering about the Ironman Europe race calendars but hadn't found one that matched my needs for 2010. And Judy, being true to her deepest desires, found this grand race and I caught her excitement.  Here it is:
Bustinskin Middle Distance Triathlon – Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Covering plenty of the scenic Dorset Countryside, 1.2m swim, 55m bike and 13.1m run. (26th Sept).  That little m following the numbers? That's miles. The scenery looks simply gorgeous, and I am positively thrilled by the idea of race officials who speak the same language as I do - albeit most folks think Americans stopped speaking English 200 years ago.

Unfortunately, we'll be a week too late for these offerings that caught my eye.

“Men in Pants” Fundraising Walk along Weymouth Esplanade raising money and awareness for Orchid Cancer Trust.   I support men wearing pants. It's a good thing.

Royal Naval Association new standard dedication – Service to take place at Nothe Fort, Parade of Standard along Weymouth Esplanade.  I do believe this means they're raising a new flag.

All kidding aside, I have loads of the best kind of work in front of me. PLAY! The event is far enough in the future that I can get serious about improving my swimming, and September is the perfect month to finish a strong season of sport.

I plan to warm up with the Oly Tri in Amsterdam in June and maybe the beach challenge in my home town in August.   Time to start making lists!  I like being slightly frightened by my goals and dreams. There's a rush of excitement before you regain your senses.   I registered for the race and made hotel reservations before I could change my mind.   Now I'm reviewing training plans and thinking about next week's ski trip and April's marathon. And my knee is feeling better. 

Yesterday, easy jog for 30 minutes, 3k at ZERO degrees. Gotta love winter.  My right knee feels fine this morning. No shag carpet scraping sounds.

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  1. Good to hear that your knee is getting better, after all you need to drag me around that coastal path come September ;)


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