Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

1. Distance assigned: 14k Run 13k

Oops! I took a different, slightly shorter route to the beach and turned around too soon. Today was simply delightful -- a gorgeous fall afternoon run on an empty beach under steel grey clouds. Odie and I both had a lot of fun.

2. Pace assigned: none. run: between 8:30 & 9:00m/km. I found it easy and relaxing

Garmin's average pace for this run includes the stop I made to talk to an elderly woman on the beach for 10 minutes (laps 38 & 39). She had so much to say about everything I found it hard to break away and keep going.

3. Walk Break Ratio Assigned: none. Run: 4 min: walk 1 min.

I experimented with programming the watch with run/walk intervals. It turned out okay except that I underestimated how many there would be - So I "finished" the workout with about 20 minutes remaining to run before arriving home. My actual pace was slower than the one I used for the calculations. But I found the watch helpful.

4. Speed-work done: none.

5. Any aches/pains? nope. I ran barefoot, so no issues with feet or knees. They were very happy. There was a lot more soft sand today - like running mashed potatoes! Fun.

6. Questions? No. I really enjoyed this run. It's nicer to go long. Six k last weekend was too short.

I ended up with low blood sugar by the time I got home today. I was fine during the run, but needed some juice as soon as I got in the door. Looking back, I didn't bring enough calories or liquid to drink (only 400ml gatorade). And I think I do better including some protein in what I bring -- this is what I've done in the past. I think I was a little cavalier in my planning, considering the planned duration.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: 18k

Have a great week!


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