Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wow - what a difference a month makes!

Today's assignment was to run another "magic mile," which can be used to measure improvements in conditioning and to predict finish times for a race.

Today's splits

400 02:27.9
800 02:41.4
1200 02:49.7
1400 03:05.4

Last month's

400m 2:08.0
800m 2:45.5
1200m 2:50.5
1600m 3:30

Although the times look similar, compared to my first one, I felt great. I didn't have to walk during the last 200 meters. I wasn't breathless. I didn't achieve the inverse split that was ssigned, but I had a lot of fun. I'm tempted to try it again tomorrow with the intention to make every segment faster than the last. Today, however, I just padded along, trying not to try too hard.

Monday, I'll add my HRM chart, which tells the inside story. I feel so proud of myself.

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