Saturday, 2 May 2009

Do it again!

Saturday morning, I ran another pair of 800m repeats. Stats in the box to the left.

Yesterday, our plans for a canoe trip fell apart when we spent a lot of time at a glass blowing exhibition. When we arrived home, my legs were aching for a little exercise. I took Odie out for a half-hour even though it wasn't a "run" day. I am finding running to be a great way to get in a good work-out without chewing up a huge amount of time. Just put on my shoes and get out the door. Putting the shoes on being the hardest part, of course.

I bought some new running clothes to celebrate last month's weight loss. I lost nine pounds for the month. I picked out size medium instead of large. I realised this morning that the top is a little too small - perhaps with my build I will always need a large top. But I will see how it fits again in a month. The shorts are great. I got a matching hat and rain jacket. I also got a compression belt with water bottles. I feel like a pro!

This morning, M arrived at 8:15 sharp. She was very agreeable to doing some speed work. She can run more quickly than I, and I am left to quiet the critical noise in my head. However, she noticed how much faster I was at the tempo work already, compared to a month ago. It helps to lighten the load I carry with me too. Just wait until October.

1. Distance assigned: two 800m repeats

2. Pace assigned: five min (trying for 2:20 for the first 400m) Pace actually run: as assigned

3. Walk break ratio assigned: 30 sec @ 400m then 3 min @800m Walk break ratio used: as assigned (15 minute warm up at ~2:1)

4. Speed-work done: On Thursday, I ran the 2x800 to see what it was like. Times were 4:56 and 5:23 (second lap was a little longer because my dog Odie charged another dog and it took about 15 seconds to get his attention and move on). I left Odie home this morning.

5. Any aches/pains? No. Still have minor soreness in my knees develop after 30 min. Fine by the next morning.

6. Questions? TWO (A) Still pending is my question about traiing for hills. What should I be doing to prepare. (B) Make up the distance? On the weekend of 24 May, I will run in the Royal 10K Race in The Hague. The training plan assigns a 13k run. Any problem with running a 10k instead? Should I make up the remaining distance with a short run later in the day? Over-run the distance of the race?

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: 13K (usual mid-week plans)

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