Saturday, 30 May 2009

4x800 - longer, easier & faster than last time

Update on pace: Total time for 800m, including walk break = 5:00

Instructions for next time:
You had a really good 800 meter workout. Here is further instructions for next time:

1. Warm up with a gentle 10 min of run-walk-run
2. Do 4 gradual accelerations (not sprints)
3. At the beginning of each 800, start your watch and don't stop it until you finish the 2 laps.
4. Walk for 20-30 seconds at the 400, but keep the watch running.
5. Walk for 4 minutes between each one.

2. Pace assigned: 4x800 - shoot for 5:00 on each one--2:30 per lap. Walk for 3-4 minutes between each 800. Walk 30 seconds at the 400 m mark
Pace actually run: as assigned, I think. Was the walk break in addition to the five minute pace?
I got slowed down a couple times by “opportunities for training my leashed dog” and by my running buddy, who decided on # III that she was going to go home. She stopped me in order to say goodbye. Grumble. Grumble!

Warm up

15 min (1.5 k to the start of the marked trail)
I 400 2:34

800 2:43

rest 4:00
II 400 2:29
800 2:37
rest 3:23
III 400 2:38
800 2:38

Cool down

17 min (1.5 k back to my house)

3. Walk break ratio assigned: above. Walk break ratio used: as assigned, I think.

4. Speed-work done: I ran 1 minute sprints for 30 minutes mid-week. And a 40- minute “steady state.” No knee problems.

5. Any aches/pains? No.

6. Questions? No. This was longer, faster & easier than last time. I found a fun album to run to – US Army Airborne Cadence – keeps me right on the pace, plus I can double up when I want to go a little faster. Not all the time, but enjoyable. “Sound Off!!” (Maybe wouldn’t be so fun if you had actually done those death marches in the service….)

Do you think it would be realistic for me to train & run for the whole marathon in October? My husband made a skeptical remark about the distance, and I want to do it now. In March, I didn’t have faith in myself that I could.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: June 7--13K

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