Monday, 8 July 2013

utrecht walkabout

aka too little planning means more walking.  This week we took a train away from The Hague to hike.

Chances are if there's a wrong way to turn, I'll take it, as this route clearly demonstrates. There was indeed a more direct way to the fort.  However, since this was purely a mileage maker, there's no wrong way!   But I was reading a Dutch hiking guide and following instructions for biking.  Lesson learned?  Spend more time before heading out studying the way.  The other lesson learned?  Followers rarely know when a calm leader is lost.

Our walk produced a righteous 14 km in lovely Overvecht.  We saw one fort, which was underwhelming.  The dog enjoyed a couple swims.  We enjoyed the sunshine.  When the afternoon got late, we hopped a bus back to the train station, saving ourselves the last sweaty three kilometers.  One of the highlights was a slide down the staircase leading to the train station.  Another was a zip line in a playground where we stopped for a snack.  In all, it was an interesting urban hike.

Tick count: one. On the dog.
Blisters: none.

Our Sweden trip is five weeks away.

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