Wednesday, 25 December 2013

2013 overview

egmond HM (jan). done.
puinduin (jan). nope. freezing rain + cold = no go.
Super Sunday in Texel (ATB) (feb). done. still cold from that ride.
cpc (mar) - nope. flu
Mud Masters 16 March - done.
amstel (april) - done.
August 110 km hike on the King's Trail, Arctic Circle - Sweden
Sept 21st - 10 k Peace Palace run
Sep. 28th mudmasters. long course - great fun
another long cycling tour? nope. too busy
October - Amsterdam half. turned into a fun 8k instead
November - meijendel  - nope - had to work
December - seagull mackerel 15 km - nope didn't train

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