Sunday, 10 November 2013

back at it.

enough hibernation.

7 km soft-sandwalk
1000 m ROW warm up
heavy bells!

warm up with bridge, down dog, plank.
slow, deep squats.

two rounds:
5 one-arm dead lift 20kg
5 clean & press 10 kg
10 taps on shoulder - plank
30 sec rest

then two rounds
5 goblet squats w/20kg
5 one arm rows w/20 kg
5 lunges with 20 kg
30 sec rest

then 15 sec on/15 sec off
one arm swings - R then L
two arm swings
cleans - R & L

2000 m ROW warm up: 10 min.
AMRAP 10 minutes: (4 rounds. so be it. start where I am)
20 superman rocks. they look more like gravity-struggles
20 air squats. form isn't too bad. heels stay down. Back is flat. depth is good. I need to get the chest up.
20 sit-ups. ab-mat.

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