Sunday, 13 January 2013

Egmond. Kwart marathon

5,25 km 38:40
Netto tijd 1:15:44
Snelheid 8,357 km/uur

Five minutes faster than last year.

I had a fun day though it was really cold. The beach was frozen and the dunes were icy. Air temp was 23F. I finished in 74 min. I felt like a slug. The cold air gave me some asthma after about an hour. I haven't run very much recently. At most once or twice a week. But this was a really fun day in a little town in northern holland. My friend and I ran last year and had a great time, eve though we were late to the start and the announcer teased us for sleeping in when we started about five minutes after the last gun. This year we drove, arrived much earlier and had plenty of time to. Get ready for the 10:30 start. But christel was sick all week and was still coughing so I suggested she skip the race. She agreed. With lung congestion it's risky and no one wants an infections of the pericardium. She took a nice long walk on the beach and met me at the finish. We found a warm restaurant for lunch and window shopped for a while. In all a great day. Now to do something about the sluggishness. Achilles were fine. A little pain in h left hip. Feet fine. Sore afterwards though.

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