Sunday, 13 May 2012

mother's day

mid may. we're traveling this summer. so I've been having difficulty settling on a race schedule. Next week is my last currently-planned running race. I've signed up to do three short-distance triathlons in the coming months as part of a relay team. and I'm looking at an Olympic distance in the beginning of July to do by myself. And I've registered for 170 km hilly ride in Limburg in mid-Sept. The deal is I am still trying to lose the last dreaded 10 lbs. I made it more difficult by eating crap while on vacation at the end of February and having to practically start over. And my attention span for earnest weight loss is about six weeks. Which explains why I've coasted the last two weeks. In prior years, base training has resulted in my gaining weight over a couple months. I want this year to be different. I'm pleased with my progress. I ran in my tri-suit today - one that I bought a couple years ago and it's too big. I need to decide if I can train to a high level while reaching my goal weight by 1 July. I want to be done already. Anyone have suggestions? You are welcome to share!

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