Friday, 18 May 2012

5150 Berlin

I met with my trainer on Wednesday to discuss whether I could reasonably try to lose weight while training to a high level for an Oly Tri. I gave him the Time Crunched Carmichael plan. He says yes, reasoning that the plan is high-intensity, not long duration. Most sessions are under 90 minutes. He suggests for the next two weeks that I eat normally, under 100 grams of carbohydrates, no fueling during sessions. No sugar, chocolate or sports drink either.

Last night I registered for the race on 1 July in Berlin. So this morning was the first planned cycling session after registering. I set up the TACX program last night (to save precious morning minutes) and learned how to plot a course with Google Earth. So now I can train "on" the course in Berlin (or the hills in Limburg).

5:45 AM (alarm) (f$ck training; I'm not doing it this morning). Hit snooze button
6:15 AM awaken before the alarm returns
6:20 AM [coffee + banana] [stare blindly into a computer, catching up with people's posts]
6:40 AM okay, let's get going.
7:00 AM on the bike, warming up. Legs are a little stiff. I'll quit early - only do an hour of the 90-minute ride
8:00 AM I'm cruising. why go to work when I can pedal.
8:30 AM As I finish the ride, I get thumbs up from the garbage collectors who are down on the street below my window.

When my stomach started growling at 8 AM, I nearly panicked. What if I starve to death? My trainer said no extra food.... I refueled with, get this, a spinach sweet potato egg white smoothie and seven dextrose tablets. It wasn't too bad. 


  1. Training ON the course?! Great idea!

    I can assure you, you won't starve to death if you don't refuel after training. You know this.


    1. you're right, of course. it was funny to hear the noise in my brain though. FEED ME!

    2. Those noises are killing, aren't they. Well done on the early morning session!


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