Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have a 10-mile race coming up. While out running this morning I managed to convince myself that the race was next week. So I cut back my planned run from 18 km to 10 km. I justified this change on the basis that I'm following a half-marathon training schedule for a race in November, so I "ought" to adjust for the 10-miler, and not go too long today.

The joke's on me. Now that I'm sitting at the computer planning next week's training, I see that the 10-miler is two weeks away, on  the 18th of September.  So, really, I should lace up and run another 8 or 9 km, and get in the over-distance that will make the race easier and more fun.

Maybe I will, later. I'm already well-fed after breakfast and enjoying another cup of coffee. My clothes are damp and I'm cold.  And did I mention already that it has started to rain?  I think I'll wait a little while for my motivation to return.

The other reason I ought to go out again is that I ran the first five this morning with a friend who is learning to run. She had some leg pain leftover from her first run last week, so we walked often and ran at a much slower pace that I usually use for "long slow distance."  I thoroughly enjoyed her company.  And I ran the second five on the beach with the dog.  So I'm feeling the need to stretch my legs out a bit at a faster pace. Maybe later this afternoon.

me, running.

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