Wednesday, 31 August 2011

the end of superstition

I checked the shoes I used for marathon training. Riders. I found the other shoe of my current pair of Riders -the ones I thought hurt my knees. (Odie hadn't stolen it - I stuffed it in my closet and forgot). I ran in them tonight 6km, easy. No pain. They feel a year old, which they are, but they're fine.  I think I'll keep the new pair and buy another pair of Ultimas, and rotate them.

Problem solved.

So for accountability, I'm logging my food again. I'm trying  going to lose the last 15 lbs. by my birthday, 1 December. I have a public journal so one of my trainers can check up on me. I did feel sheepish recording the cookies and the very small serving of ice cream I enjoyed tonight. I have to explain myself tomorrow when we meet.

So, back to my Paleo roots and avoiding inflammatory foods.  The race to Lean is on.

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