Saturday, 28 May 2011

getting ready for juneathon.

I have had terrible allergies this Spring. It has interfered with my training and I ended up with bronchitis and sat on the couch last weekend waiting for the antibiotics to do their thing.  I ran on Wednesday and did some light weight training.  I'm feeling better and ready to train again. 
So, as I get ready for the nonsense that is Juneathon, I thought I'd start training my fingers again.  Step one was getting the indoor bike trainer set up, since it's raining cats and dogs outside. Can't have that!
So I took measurements too. I will be lighter & learning come 1 July.
Movement Prep 7 minReps
Reverse 90-90 Stretch4
Inverted Hamstring- In Place4
Forward Lunge Elbow to Instep4
Knee Hug (In Place)4
Pillar March- Linear4

Prehab 10 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Pillar Bridge- Front:30
Pillar Bridge- Lateral:30
Glute Bridge Marching (Knee Extension)6
Miniband Standing 1 Leg External Rotation6
Hip Abduction - Ankle Weights10
Hip Adduction - Ankle Weights10
Hip Extension - Ankle Weights10
Hip Flexion - Ankle Weights10
Floor Ys10
Plyometric 12 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Lateral Bound- Miniband Stabilize5
Box Hop- Linear5
Drop Squat and Stabilize5
Squat Jump- Non-Countermovement5

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