Friday, 27 May 2011

another really big goal?

I have not met my weight loss goal for this Winter/Spring of 2011. I've made progress then I stalled.  I am beginning to plan the fall race calendar and I've been tempted by some of the same races I ran last year.

And by the 2.500 anniversary of the Athens marathon. I really can't count that high. And listening to Haruki Murakami's account of running between Athens and Marathon kinda scratched the itch in terms of running that particular race myself (think hot, urban, hot, and well, hot).  (What I talk about when I talk about Running is a fabulous book, better even than my blog. Promise.)

But I need another dream to kick my a$$ into gear. Berlin? Athens? Provence?

I will pray to the currency goddess, may she bless my travel budget.  And I will begin again to make rich and rewarding sacrifices to the scale goddess, may she bless my waistline.

Oh, maybe this is the right goddess of the scale, Harmonia.

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