Tuesday, 9 June 2009

reminder re walk breaks

Coach says "I believe that your soreness was directly related to doing your pyramid on the 15K. I really wish you would stay with 1-1 which should reduce the chance of aches, pains and injuries. You can use the pyramid on the short run days if you wish.

It would be fine to substitute a cross training day for one of your runs this week. If you don't run during the week, you will lose some of your running adaptations, making it more likely that you will have problems next weekend. I suggest one run of 30 minutes either on Tues or Thurs. You could XT on the other day."

Reminder to self: Walk breaks are my secret weapon:

Coach says, "You are doing so well, I just don't want you to step over the line and get some aches and pains. By doing the liberal walking on the long runs, " I can avoid injury.

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