Thursday, 30 May 2013


I know. It's juneathon.  But I like the typo renaming it to juneathin. I am shedding the winter insulation I managed to acquire.  It is time, even though it is still cold here in the Netherlands.  We had summer  on Tuesday when it was 17 degrees and sunny.  It's now 13 again.

So. Why juneathon.  I miss writing on my blog. And  I have not been running with any regularity.  to motivate some change, I just registered for the Amsterdam half marathon in October, which was my first and I think my favorite race ever.  Ad the best part of juneathon is of course that I love reading others' blog entries.   It inspires me.  And makes me wish I were funnier. 

I need to update my side bar.  I've done most of the stuff I planned for this year already.  The big event this year is taking a bunch of 14 year olds into the Arctic circle for a long trek.   Part of the excitement is helping them to prepare over the next three months.

Upcoming. Juneathon.  A month of penance and tears!  Plus some long distance cycling.
July.  Off road triathlon.  World championships.
August. Kings Road, Sweden
September.  Long course mud masters
October. Amsterdam half.


  1. Welcome back to juneathon-world!
    My phone really struggles to post to this blog sure but I'll be trying. And I'll be reading :-)

  2. it's not you. it's the spam catcher. sorry for that, but my blog somehow attracted the interest of every spammy spammer who wants to sell something. they praise my writing then offer a link to their spammy spammer website. so I moderate the comments. you are not a spammer. therefore you are "approved." feel good about that, okay? :)


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