Saturday, 2 July 2011

2 July nourishing choices

I decided not to go to Rotterdam for the ride. Travelling there & back by train would add three hours onto the workout, and I had a late-night phone call with my brother, so I was still awake at 1 a.m.  Lying in bed this morning as I repeatedly hit the snooze button and the 8 a.m. planned departure time drew near, it occurred to me that I could change my mind if I wanted. And at the decision point (having coffee at 8:00 a.m.), the skies were dark and heavy with rain and the wind was building. Not an auspicious start to what promised to be a long day.

Instead, I may run on the beach this morning with Odie and ride on the trainer tomorrow (or vice versa).  Of course, now the blue sky has returned, but I am still pleased with my choice.

I like being flexible, although sometimes I'm a little suspicious of my motives.  The line between slacking & being reasonable can be a bit fuzzy.  However, the simplicity of leaving my bike on the trainer, and getting the whole workout completed in three hours - instead of a six- or seven-hour day seems appealing.

The bonus is I can go lift at the gym, get in a swim and still help my older son with his planned BBQ for his school mates later this afternoon.

That feels supportive and nourishing to me.  I validate my decision!

turns out to have been a fabulous idea. I ran in my vibrams, did 100 m sprint repeats and a fartlek (5x3 min speed intervals). I knew it would be low tide, so the beach sand was hard - just right for barefoot running. Odie had a great time too. I enjoy being able to run with him off leash. It was a little chilly when I walked out the door. I've come so far as a runner. It used to be heading out for a 90 minute run would make me nervous. I'd have coat, hat, water & fuel belt, sunglasses, iPod ad nauseum. Now, it was just me, my running shirt & shorts, my silly blue VFF's and the dog. oh, and a house key. 

I hit/exceeded all my planned paces and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. And it's nice to be with my kids today too.

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  1. You mean the coat, hat, sunglasses, fuel belt, water and iPod aren't necessary? What a revolutionary thought lol.


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