Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 reviewed

Mar CPC Half M Done!
Apr Rotterdam Marathon Done!
Apr 25--10K done!
May 2--anything you want Done!!!
May 8 Boretti Bike Tour Done!
May Royal 10K scratched
July travel DONE
August 21 Tri-Beach Challenge Done!
Sept 26 Middle distance UK 70.3 tri Done!
9/10 120 km ride Done! 132 km!
Oct 9 World Wild Festival of Races scratched.

Oct 17 -- Amsterdam 8k run for Peace Done!
Nov 21 - Seven Hills Done! 1:43
Nov 27 - Dune Run 25km
meijendellopen DONE! Great course. VERY cold.
Dec 18 - the Mackrel run Done!

Training (via Garmin):
running:  913 km
cycling: 1785,71 km
and a lot of swimming.


  1. 2010 done! Some intriguing sounding race names there...

  2. it's been a challenge to learn enough Dutch to navigate the race calendars here.


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