Friday, 26 November 2010

Seven Hills

The race organisers made this run simply a fabulous experience. Great communication, thoughtful planning, beautiful weather, fun course. I ran faster than planned, but kept my head attached. I've got a 25km tomorrow (less than a week later). 

I just had an outstanding day. Gorgeous weather, great course, wonderful execution by the race directors. My last three km were my fastest. I finished in 1:43, each five km was faster than the last. I broke a mental barrier, running 5:30 during the last couple km, thinking I can't run that fast, but I did.  

It was a bit of a challenge to pace myself in the beginning. The crowd was moving more quickly than I wanted to start out. I ran in my comfort zone, and kept an eye on my heart rate. Enough water. Well, one short pit stop, so maybe too much water! Good energy throughout. I like hammer gel a lot. And I feel really good. 

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