Wednesday, 20 October 2010

October 8k in Amsterdam

I've been teaching myself to run faster by, well, running faster. I am using the FIRST training plan cautiously to prepare for my upcoming 15k and 25k races next month. Three different kinds of runs each week - kick-my-a$$-pace-based training, plus 2-3 cross-training sessions (think bike, swim, row) and weight lifting.  I am having fun and I ran the Amsterdam 8k on Sunday with pleasure in 50 minutes.

I enjoyed walking around the expo the day before the race. I got some new racing flats and some new training shoes. I got the same Mizuno Wave Riders that I like so much and then the Ultima based on the recommendation for my weight range. When I ran 10k last night in the Ultimas my toes hurt a lot at the end of the run. Not good. I don't know whether it was the shoes or simply the intervals on brick.  Plus I got some thermal running tights and a proper waterproof jacket. And some of last year's running clothes at a great discount.

I tried to increase the race distance to a Half Marathon, since I like running that distance. But you can only drop down, not go up. Oh well.

Sunday was clear and quite cold. Eventually it was sunny too.  This was the shortest race I've run since junior high school when I used to run the 440 relay.  Not to state the obvious, but this one was done and dusted in  50 minutes.  I loved the new shoes. They have an incredibly comfortable toe box. I watched the winners of the marathon finish, setting a new course record. Just over two hours. Incredible.  

I found where the slow fat chicks like me run: shorter distances. I  sailed through the crowds.  I should have lined up in the first group, but I thought I was going to be pacing some of my colleagues. They dropped out. I noticed the mental affect of the finish line again. You get closer and your brain starts registering tired and almost done.  I had really good self talk. Day easy light relaxed cruising.  I ran by heart rate and perception of effort and didn't look at my pace very often. This was a bit of an experiment. My splits were very good and since it's an odd distance, I probably could have run a little faster, but I would have to practice the distance to see how it feels.  I was conservative in the beginning and kept pushing the pace up.  I had to wend my way around people which I really enjoyed.  I felt strong and capable.  There was huge congestion at the end. I had worked my way up to the preceding group and they were tightly packed-the business groups, running together

It was hard to find passing room once we were in the last kilometer.  It sure was fun to feel faster than those around me.  It's been tough on my spirit to run last in so many races.  

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  1. Hi Chris. 2 races next! That's a big commitment. Funnily enough I almost bought a pair of Mizuno's today, but the podiatrist at the running store sold me on a pair of Nike's which will give me enough support to help with the ITB I'm suffering with at the moment (anything over 12km and the ITB kick in). Good luck with races. We are all still blogging over at healthfulevolution, so pop in some time to say hi!



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