Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Looking forward and taking steps for peace

I've just registered to run 8k in Amsterdam. I decided to run with my colleagues at work to raise awareness of the crimes against women and children in Congo.  I decided to enjoy the day with my colleagues rather than run the half marathon like I did last year.  We will accept pledges to provide financial support through the trust fund of the International Criminal Court.  Funds will go to hospitals that treat rape victims.

I have also created a fund raising page through Run for Congo Women.  If you enjoy running, think about taking a step for peace in the Congo by donating. Even if you can share only the cost of a cup of coffee, you will help to heal the violence of war.  I plan to donate a dollar for every  mile I complete  at Bustinskin on 26 September, where the race will take me through at least 70.3 miles!

What steps for peace will you take?


  1. Good for you!
    So are you running the Bustinskin for the same charity?


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